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This is why we are unique. :)

Real Pundits

Bringing together real crusaders who have made a difference in their chosen life tracks to talk about their journeys and share their lessons.


Giving everybody a chance to share their life story by building a global community of learners with no ‘intellectual discrimination.’

Online Content Aggregator

Packaging available public content including videos, online courses, articles, movies, book-pdfs, questions into neatly sorted boxes. Saving world’s time and effort in scrounging for the right resources.

Incubation Hotspot

Helping young people with ideas to get the right support, advice and funding, all through just an internet connection!


Leveraging the world wide web, Learning Monk is proud to offer to offer unbiased content beyond the national borders throughout the world.


The aggregated content and services that we offer include authentic verified details encompassing the latest research findings across different fields.


More about us and our backstory


    Our Humble Beginnings

    There’s no task more urgent than reimagining how our generation learns. Our schools are fast turning obsolete, leaving most of us unsatiated, while also draining the joy out of the process of education. We have a vision to make LM the next-big-thing on internet, a one stop destination for everyone to learn, meet and build things they are passionate about.


    The birth of Platform

    The platform will bring together a community of learners, experts, professionals, and incubators to facilitate education of life. And certainly, we cannot do it alone! We are inviting young people from all work areas and passions to co-create with us.


    Future Plans...

    This is no recruitment drive for potential employees, please do not expect monetary gains from your future involvement though you may gain benefits including monetary through creative legal methods. As a matter of fact, this is a movement in opposition to schools becoming teaching-shops.


    Who we Want

    Though we would be happy to welcome everybody, we are specifically looking for people with the skills of Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Management / Production, Networking - Communication Expansion, Graphic Designing, Course Development and Audiovisual Content Development.

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Our Human Identity

the mind behind Learning Monk

Anushk Mittal


Akshat Tyagi


We are two passionate individuals, confluence of technology and rebelliousness, wanting to disrupt the status quo in education. We realize how powerful the synergy of internet and education can be and have decided to build not another Open-Online-Course site, but a university on cloud. We are trying to revolutionize how learning is perceived, giving the mundane smart blackboard classroom a reincarnation, shattering walls which block our interaction with real world.

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